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We cannot wait for others to solve our environmental problems. Through education, we activate sustainable practices and behaviors to foster a safe, healthy and equitable world. The future of our planet lies with us.

California residents cut water use by hefty 29% in May, officials say

Drought-weary California received encouraging news Wednesday when officials announced that residential water use had dropped 29% during the month of May -- the first real indication that the state might meet unprecedented conservation reductions imposed by Gov. Jerry Brown.

State issues toughest-in-the-nation fracking rules

State officials on Wednesday formally adopted new rules governing hydraulic fracturing in California, setting in motion some of the toughest guidelines in the nation for the controversial oil extraction practice.

BP reaches $18.7-billion agreement to settle Gulf of Mexico oil spill

BP has reached an $18.7-billion agreement resolving all federal and local government claims stemming from the 2010 Gulf of Mexico disaster, bringing an end to a key chapter in the fiercely fought litigation stemming from the nation’s worst oil spill.

It’s Official: New York Fracking Ban Made Final With Release of 43-Page Document

Nearly a year to the day after communities won the right to ban oil and gas development locally, a statewide ban on high-volume hydraulic fracturing (or “fracking”) was made official with the release of a 43-page findings statement that outlines the specific parameters of the state’s ban.

Supreme Court blocks air pollution rules for power plants

The Supreme Court has blocked Obama administration rules designed to sharply limit the hazardous air pollutants that spew from the nation's power plants.

L.A. County's plan to capture stormwater could be state model

Amid a worsening drought, California water officials adopted new rules Tuesday aimed at capturing and reusing huge amounts of stormwater that have until now flowed down sewers and concrete rivers into the sea.

The Church Challenges the State to Take Radical Action on Climate Change

One of the world's biggest religions has joined the global debate about climate change—on the side of the angels. After months of anticipation, Pope Francis on Thursday morning released the official text of “Laudato Si’,” or “Praise Be to You,” his encyclical on reversing climate change.

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