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Trump's environmental rollbacks hit California hard, despite Sacramento's resistance
When 50,000 acre-feet of water went gushing out of the Sacramento River last month, it fast became a test of California’s ability to protect its environmental policies from an increasingly hostile Trump administration.
‘Not about polar bears, but people.’ Latino lawmakers shift focus on climate change
State Sen. Ricardo Lara’s environmental awakening came when he left home and realized he didn’t have to shut his windows to avoid the dirty air.
Fossil Fuel Emissions Set To Hit All-Time High In 2017 As Coal Burning Increases
Global carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels are surging again after staying flat for three years, climate scientists reported on Monday, a sign that efforts to rein in planet-warming gases still have a long way to go.
Brown booby bird is nesting for first time in Channel Islands National Park
A seabird known as the brown booby is nesting for the first time in Channel Islands National Park.
Emissions fall under California's cap-and-trade program
Industries regulated under California’s cap-and-trade program reduced greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 5% in 2016, according to new data released by state officials.
Air board broke law in adopting last-minute, industry-friendly smog measure, judge rules
Southern California’s air quality board broke the law and “abused its discretion” when it adopted oil industry-backed changes to smog rules the day of a hearing without delaying the vote to give the public more time to comment, a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge has ruled.
California homeowners could get a tax break to capture rainwater in their backyards
It was raining and Judy Adler had a broken gutter. What could have been a simple repair turned into an effort to capture rain and use it for her backyard pond. Since late 2009, Adler has collected up to 11,000 gallons of rain annually at her Walnut Creek home.


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