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We cannot wait for others to solve our environmental problems. Through education, we activate sustainable practices and behaviors to foster a safe, healthy and equitable world. The future of our planet lies with us.

What Exxon knew about the Earth's melting Arctic

Back in 1990, as the debate over climate change was heating up, a dissident shareholder petitioned the board of Exxon, one of the world’s largest oil companies, imploring it to develop a plan to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from its production plants and facilities.

Products with plastic microbeads to be banned under new California law

Gov. Jerry Brown approved measure Thursday that will ban exfoliating microbeads in personal care products.

Third Time’s a Disaster: Latest Coral Bleaching Hits Reefs Worldwide

Scientists have confirmed that for only the third time ever recorded, bleaching is hitting coral reefs on a global scale.

Gov. Brown signs climate change bill to spur renewable energy, efficiency standards

California launched an ambitious effort Wednesday to expand renewable energy and increase energy efficiency, advancing Gov. Jerry Brown's plans for battling climate change.

Feds Decide That Sustainability and Nutrition Don't Mix

The revised federal nutrition guidelines won’t be released until the end of the year, but we already know one thing that won’t be included in the recommendations that inform public health policy and programs across the country: sustainability.

California’s federal reservoirs even lower than last year

In the latest indicator of the severity of the drought, the federal government’s main reservoirs serving California have begun the new “water year” at just a quarter full and in worse shape than last year.

Help fight the drought with these simple steps

If you travel alongside a riverbed in parts of Southern California, you may not realize that water once flowed freely there. In its place are soil and dirt, the result of one of the worst droughts Southern California has ever seen.

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