2018 Eco Star Awards

Sustainable Works Eco Star Awards

SEPTEMBER 6, 2018 @ 6:30PM — 9:00PM

An evening celebrating the work and dedication of influential environmental leaders and supporting the good work of Sustainable Works

Join us for a fun and interactive evening to bolster the growth of Sustainable Works in a casual, enjoyable atmosphere and celebrate the work and dedication of influential environmental leaders and sustainability advocates. You will meet area leaders, Sustainable Works Eco Stars, who are being honored for their valuable contributions to a sustainable future. You'll also have an opportunity to mix with others who, like you, have a strong interest in the environment and sustainability.Organic food catered by Uplifters Kitchen. www.uplifterskitchen.com. 

Complimentary beer and wine.

• Saving the environment

• Saving money

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Thank you to all of our Event Sponsors:

Warrior: Platinum Level Sponsor $5,000+


Organizer: Gold Level Sponsor $3,500


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Kindred: Bronze Level Sponsor $500

Janet Schulman

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Barry Simon

Tara Barauskas

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Julie Goodman

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Susan Smith

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Barbara Osborn

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Marcia Lappin

Janet Schulman

Diane McIntyre Tuley

Sheila Laffey

Adam Sharma

Jake Raykhelson

Emma Nault

Erin Tanenbaum

Nancy Barba

Loraine Lundquist

Barry Simon

Stephanie  Molen

William Selby

Elena Christopoulos

Shea Cunningham

Karine Petit

Evan Edwards


Min Hee Oh

Jeannine Renshaw

Rashida Coleman

Diana Duncan

Michael Ware

Stephen Lindholm

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Lizbeth Bell

Micaela Passeri

Kanna Sunkara

Vivian Panou

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Anne Kim

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