Current Interns

This page last updated on 11/09/16


Carmen Tan

Carmen is an exchange student of UCLA as a W.T. Chan Fellow. Also, she’s a senior student of Sun Yat-sen University in China and majors in finance. Carmen has been enthusiastic about social revolution since childhood, and made efforts in college to lead over 10 business and charity projects to facilitate social revolution. As a business student, she’s passionate and curious about integrating commercial practices and social good to ensure everything we consume will be the vote for the desirable world in the future. Recently, Carmen has been an intern of Sustainable Works and involved in all the projects to attain comprehensive understanding of environmental education and actions.



Olivia Barone

Olivia is a Santa Monica native currently studying Environmental Science and Policy at Santa Monica College. She will be applying to transfer in the Fall of 2016. Olivia decided to study Environmental Science after discovering a passion for Science while taking classes at Santa Monica College. She became interested in interning for Sustainable Works after being involved in the Student Greening Program. Being involved with Sustainable Works has taught her the importance of Environmental Education and she hopes to use that experience to empower communities and inspire changes in how humans impact the environment.




Brittany Taylor 

Brittany is a green minded student activist focused on community outreach, local ecosystem rehabilitation, and environmental psychology. She is transferring to Humboldt State University next fall to study Environmental Science.






Jennifer Doyle

Jennifer, a California native, has earned a BS in Business Administration and a BA in Psychology, as well as a Certificate of Achievement in Environmental Studies. This year, she will be graduating with a Certificate of Achievement in Recycling and Resource Management.  After almost a decade of experience with organizations of all sizes and scopes, she hopes to incorporate sustainable solutions to every aspect of business operations.  Her passion for the environment started after working with Greenpeace in 2009 where she discovered that corporations have a large impact on the environment. In her free time, she loves to scuba dive and be outdoors.