Bi-Annual Prize Drawing Winner_Winter 2108

Bi-Annual Prize Drawing Winner!

One of the many benefits of a Sustainable Works membership is an automatic entry into our bi-annual prize drawing. Our Winter winner is member Sheila Laffey. Sheila has been a member of Sustainable Works since December 2016. Thank you for your support Sheila.

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Winter 2018 Drawing Prize: Gift Certificate to Kye's - Valued at $50

Sheila will enjoy a great meal donated by Kye's Kye's is at the heart of a conscious food movement that maked eating happy and healthy, easy. We care about why and what you eat. You want quality food that is good for you, tastes good, and makes you feel good too - the 3 goods we strive for. Let's be inclusive and meet diet diversity and foodie passion with love, creativity, and flavor and work together to make demand affect our food supply.



SANTA MOnica, CA 90403