Connect to Protect Event Photos

Thank you to the community for submitting so many amazing photos of how you connect to nature in Santa Monica!

Check out the event photos
(All photos courtesy of Justin Han)

Photographers pose with their photos

Gene Park "The New California Incline"                                Denice Taylor "Bird Walk"

                             Steve Glenn "Fog Jog"                                Fereshteh S. Haeri "Whispering Passage"

Kyle Wadsworth "Red Dragon at Rest"                            Sylva and jack Bezian "His Favorite Tree"


Ron Borolla "Late Summer 2016 Ocean Park Wave"      Gene Gilmores's wife and son "Boy at the Beach"

Margery Kratz "Color Burst"                                                  Maya Schneider with her photo "Eli"

                                    Victoria Coulson "Home"              Fran Lyness "Kissed by the Sun, Yoga on the SM Pier"

           Paul Scott "Flagging at Muscle Beach"                      Katelyn Darrow "Finding Tranquility in a Bustling City"

More photos coming soon!