Racing Extinction Film Screening Photos

The Racing Extinction Documentary Film Screening was a big success.

We had over 200 people in attendance and numerous people made commitments to adopt sustainable solutions to help address the issues raised in the film.

The panel discussion included:

Moderator: Bill Selby, retired Geography and Earth Science Professor, Santa Monica College will moderate a panel discussion after the screening.
Panelists: Heather Rally, wildlife veterinarian and undercover operative featured in Racing Extinction, Cris Gutierrez, Co-Chair Climate Action Santa Monica and Cindy Hardin, Director of Outreach and Education at Los Angeles Audubon

Check out the photos!
Racing Extinction panel included Bill Selby, Cris Guttierez, Cindy Hardin and Heather Rally

Participants make commitments to sustainable behaviors that will help have a positive impact on extinction.