Noteworthy News

McDonald's move to cage-free eggs is a tipping point for the industry

Will the next egg you crack come from a chicken raised in a roomier barn?

Foodies and farmers are in unusual agreement on the answer: If not now, then soon enough.

State solar users would lose savings if proposal is OKd; SolarCity describes 'catastrophic' future

Tired of growing electricity bills, Miguel Espinoza decided to turn to the sun, rather than the grid, for power.

The Inglewood resident signed in March with solar leasing giant SolarCity to fix his electric bills at $130 a month — down from the $250 to $300 he had been paying.

Shell's withdrawal from the Beaufort and Chukchi seas isn't all good news for the Arctic

It's tempting to think of the latest oil-drilling news as a victory: Royal Dutch Shell PLC announced that it was ending its barely begun operations in the Arctic seas off Alaska because its first exploration showed disappointing stores of oil in an area that had been considered one of the most promising.

Metropolitan Water District aims to build plant to recycle sewage into drinking water

For more than 80 years, the Metropolitan Water District has paved the way for Southern California's epic growth by securing water from hundreds of miles away.

This week, the mammoth agency said it wants to invest closer to home in what would be one of the world's largest plants to recycle sewage into drinking water.

A Wet Winter Won’t Save California

As wildfires rage, crops are abandoned, wells run dry and cities work to meet mandatory water cuts, drought-weary Californians are counting on a savior in the tropical ocean: El Niño.

8 Trillion Reasons to Ditch Microbeads

Toothpaste, body wash, and facial cleansers—if you use any of the hundreds of personal care products that contain microbeads, you’re contributing to the estimated 8 trillion tiny plastic spheres entering aquatic habitats in the United States every day. Need a little help wrapping your head around exactly what that amount of microbeads looks like? According to a new report released Friday from a group of scientists from seven colleges and universities, it’s enough to cover 300 tennis courts every day.

VW cheated on U.S. pollution tests for 'clean diesels'

Volkswagen called them “clean diesels,” branding them as the fun-to-drive alternatives to hybrids as it dominated the U.S. market for the engine technology.

Turns out the increasingly eco-conscious buyers of the sporty German cars have been unwittingly pumping smog into the air — because of software VW installed to cheat on U.S. emissions tests.

Whales and Dolphins Win Battle Over the Use of Harmful Sonar

The long-running war between the whales and the United States Navy is over.

A federal judge on Monday approved a legal settlement that limits the use of sonar and other underwater explosives that can inadvertently harm whales and dolphins.

Sierra Nevada snowpack is much worse than thought: a 500-year low

When California Gov. Jerry Brown stood in a snowless Sierra Nevada meadow on April 1 and ordered unprecedented drought restrictions, it was the first time in 75 years that the area had lacked any sign of spring snow.

Burn Notice: Sea Levels Will Rise 200 Feet If Fossil Fuels Are Not Kept in the Ground

Keep it in the ground. That’s the rallying cry of environmentalists who warn that burning the world’s remaining fossil fuel reserves would unleash catastrophic climate change.