Noteworthy News

EPA moves fast on mpg regs as inauguration draws near

Despite protests from the auto industry, the Environmental Protection Agency wants to keep strict gas mileage targets in place and is trying to fast-track those standards before President-elect Donald Trump takes office in January.

Oregon Finds Switching From Coal to Renewable Energy Is a Bargain

Oregon may have a reputation for rainy weather, but the outlook for the renewable energy there is definitely sunny.

Health officials order Paramount metal plants to stop emissions or suspend operations

In a rare intervention, county health officials Thursday ordered two Paramount metal-processing plants to stop emissions of hexavalent chromium or shut down operations contributing to high levels of the cancer-causing air pollutant.

The Tide Is Turning for a New Source of Green Energy

Two turbines installed off Scotland’s coast aren’t harnessing the country’s winds to generate power. Instead, these blades are spinning underwater, using an even more predictable renewable power source in the region—tides.

Thanksgiving at Dakota Access pipeline protest: 'It's a beautiful day to protect the water'

It was still dark on Thanksgiving morning as the pickup truck with mounted speakers rode slowly through the dirt lanes of the Oceti Sakowin camp. 

Indoor Farm Boxes Promise Little Work and Lots of Fresh Produce

For many city-dwelling apartment renters, securing a home with a sprig of green space is a tall order, let alone a place that gets enough sunshine or rain to cultivate a fresh vegetable garden. 

A Climate of Change: Have We Become OK With Watching Earth Melt?

The elephant in the room at the presidential debates was climate change.

Dakota Access pipeline protester may lose her arm after small explosion, activists say

Activists said a Dakota Access pipeline protester could have her arm amputated after suffering an injury from a small explosion Sunday night, and protesters and law enforcement officials accused each other of being responsible.

Kerry tells climate conference that the U.S. will fight global warming — with Trump or without

Secretary of State John F. Kerry took the stage at United Nations climate talks in Morocco on Wednesday, seeking to reassure nervous negotiators that a groundbreaking agreement to fight global warming will survive with Donald Trump in the White House.

Want to See Global Warming's Potential Impact on Santa Monica Beaches?

A few decades from now, your favorite sunning spot along the beach in Santa Monica could succumb to the fish as a result of global warming and an expected rise in sea level. It sounds like the plot of a summer blockbuster, but a group of scientists is using technology to visualize this potential real-life scenario.