10,000 gallons of oil spill on Los Angeles streets

Crews sopped up the remains of about 10,000 gallons of crude oil that sprayed into Los Angeles streets and onto buildings early Thursday after a high-pressure pipe burst.

A geyser of crude spewed 20 feet high over approximately half a mile at about 12:15 a.m. and was knee-high in some parts of an industrial area north of Atwater Village before the oil line was remotely shut off, said Fire Capt. Jaime Moore.

A handful of commercial businesses near the border of Glendale was affected, as well as a strip club, "The Gentlemen's Club," which was evacuated.

"There's significant damage to the nightclub due to the oil that seeped through the roof and through the walls," Moore tells KPCC.

The oil spill had “zero effect” on the nearby Golden Road Brewery, and there was no lingering smell of oil, owner Tony Yanow told KPCC. The nightclub was the only one of five affected businesses to suffer damage, Moore tells KPCC.

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