Arnold Schwarzenegger to China: Terminate Your Meat-Eating Ways

People in China might soon say “Hasta la vista” to eating meat with their meals.

At least that’s the hope of actor and former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Terminator has teamed up with Academy Award–winning director James Cameron and global health advocates for “5 to Do Today,” a campaign from environmental advocacy group WildAid aimed at reducing meat consumption in the Asian nation.

“China’s move to cut meat consumption in half would not only have a huge impact on public health, it is a massive leadership step towards drastically reducing carbon emissions and reaching the goals set out in the Paris Agreement,” Cameron said in a statement. “Livestock emits more than all transportation combined. Reducing demand for animal-based foods is essential if we are to [limit] global warming to two degrees Celsius as agreed at COP21.” 

“Less meat. Less heat. More life,” Schwarzenegger says in a clip released by WildAid that shows the making of one of the campaign’s PSAs. But along with the reference to a warming planet, the issue is personal for him. Schwarzenegger’s doctors began telling him, “ ‘Arnold you have to get off meat,’ ” he says, so he’s been “slowly getting off meat, and I tell you that I feel fantastic.”

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