EPA Moves To Roll Back Coal Plant Rule In A Stunning Rebuke Of Global Climate Talks

The Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday proposed gutting an Obama-era rule requiring coal-fired power plants to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, defying increasingly desperate international negotiations to scale down planet-warming gases.

At a press conference at the agency’s headquarters, Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler called the Obama administration’s rule too strict, calling it “disingenuous” and “not adequately demonstrated,” and said the new proposal would “set high yet achievable standards that are rooted in reality.”

“To put it in clear and simple terms, we are rescinding unfair burdens on America’s energy providers and leveling the playing field so new energy technologies can be part of America’s future,” Wheeler said. “By allowing the genius of the private sector to work, we can keep American energy affordable, reliable and abundant.”

Wheeler, who rejects climate science and until last year worked as a lobbyist for one of the country’s most influential coal executives, said the new proposal wouldn’t impact on carbon dioxide emissions. He even suggested, with little evidence, the deregulatory move could spur investment in technology to lower emissions. 

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