Essay: I Bike In LA And Fear For My Safety All The Time

Last week, Bicycling Magazine declared L.A. the worst city for bikes.

Now — this is strictly my opinion — but, yes, biking in Los Angeles IS the worst. I say that as someone who has used my bike as my main mode of transportation since I moved to L.A. six years ago.

Your own mileage on a bike, and opinion, may be different. My perspective? Year after year, I've heard city officials say they're committed to projects that make the streets safer. And they aren't. Pedestrian deaths were up in 2017. Despite that, supporting changes to roads in neighborhoods can be politically risky.

Bottom line: I definitely don't feel safer. Here's why I think it might even be a little worse than when I first moved here.


Let's take one of the newest one of the road projects meant to fix part of my commute home every day: the Main and Spring Forward initiative in downtown L.A.

I bike down Spring Street, which is a one-way. When I first started biking this street, here's who was supposed to be where:

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