A forecast of record-breaking heat and dry wind sparks brush fire worries across the state

Record-breaking heat and gusty winds expected by the weekend will prime California’s brush-covered hills and valleys for fast-moving wildfires even as crews currently battle two large blazes in the northern half of the state.

Burdened with a 70,000-acre wildfire in Yolo County and a nearly 15,000-acre blaze in Lake County, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection crews will be on high alert this weekend along with county and local fire agencies, officials said Tuesday.

“It’s summertime in Northern California so the conditions are never great,” said Mike Kochasic, a meteorologist in Sacramento. With the exception of a three-day dip ending Friday, temperatures in the region around the fires will hover in the 90s, with wind gusts up to 30 mph and humidity below 30%, Kochasic said.

“It definitely does dry things. It’s a concern right around the holiday,” he added, referring to the Fourth of July.

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