Happy 75 Years Of Smog, LA. We Don't Wear Gas Masks Anymore But The Air Is Still Terrible

In Los Angeles, smog is a given and most of us know its primary source is cars and trucks. But the story of how our infamous smog came to be is as thick and convoluted as the smog itself.

It was July 8, 1943 when the first real smog rolled into town, taking many people by surprise.

"People were having car accidents," said Chip Jacobs, a former investigative reporter and co-author of Smogtown: The Lung-Burning History of Pollution in Los Angeles. "Mothers were wondering why their kids' eyes were watering. Police officers were spinning loopy. It became a circus-like atmosphere in this really hot metropolitan juggernaut known as Los Angeles, and the politicians were speechless."

Because no one knew what it was.

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