Let's hold the 2020 presidential candidates accountable on climate change

The idea that we’re about to enter into 23 consecutive months of presidential campaigning is almost literally unbearable. And not just because it means endless dumb takes on Beto vs. Bernie vs. Biden. It’s unbearable because we need the time for other things.

Consider climate change. Long before the next president is inaugurated, we will need to figure out the contours of a Green New Deal, organize to keep banks and insurance companies from financing new oil pipelines, and block new fracking wells.

We will need to be thinking about Exxon Mobil’s annual shareholder meeting as much as the Iowa State Fair, the next Keystone pipeline as much as the next New Hampshire endorsement.

I’m under no illusion, though, that the infinite campaign can be headed off. Contenders have said that they will start making up their minds over the holidays. So we also need to start thinking differently about how to make sure our presidential sweepstakes makes clear where the candidates stand on the actual issues.

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