Los Angeles is filthy, so I started picking up trash. I sure could use some help

Long before we were urged to Make America Great Again, we were told to Keep America Beautiful. Baby boomers may remember the 1950s campaign that made littering a criminal offense, a time when offenders were targeted by Donald Duck singing “Litterbug, Shame on You.”

Did we grow up and forget the message? Or did our children never receive it? Los Angeles is filthy.

About a year ago, I started picking up trash around the Silver Lake street where I live. There was no special reason. I was already walking every morning with my dog. I’d noticed little bits of trash here and there. So I attached a plastic grocery bag to my waist, took a 26-inch grabber tool from my garage, slipped on some gardening gloves and started picking up garbage.

Turns out, there’s a lot of it. Once I started looking for litter, I saw it everywhere. The plastic bag I brought with me was full before my first walk was halfway through. I was going to need a bigger one.

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