Tesla's China factory: Will it ever be built?

Elon Musk in 2015 told the Chinese news media that Tesla might begin producing cars at a new China manufacturing plant “within three years.”

Three years later, no plant has been built. Construction hasn’t even started.

But on Tuesday, Tesla and the municipal government of Shanghai signed a “cooperative agreement” to eventually build a Tesla automobile manufacturing plant in the city’s ultra-modern Pudong district, according to a news release from Shanghai’s municipal government. Ultimately, the plant would turn out 500,000 vehicles a year, primarily for the China market.

Details of the agreement are scarce. A Tesla spokesman said the company still must “get all the necessary approvals and permits” to proceed. After that, automobile production could begin in about two years, with planned full annual production of 500,000 vehicles a year to be reached four to five years from now.

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