Time to take 'time of use' for a test drive?

Summer is a time of year when utility bills often spike, as people crank up appliances and devices such as air conditioners and swimming pool pumps that use lots of energy.

With that in mind, it may make sense for utility customers to experiment with the various “time of use” (TOU) pricing plans offered by San Diego Gas & Electric.

In an effort to reduce strain on the electric grid and integrate more renewable energy sources like solar into the power system, the California Public Utilities Commission last year directed the state’s three big investor-owned utilities to roll out TOU plans for customers by 2020.

As the name implies, “time of use” rates vary throughout the day and night. The more electricity you use when the state’s power grid is at its peak, the more you pay. Conversely, use electricity when demand and energy prices are low, you pay less.

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