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A suffocating brown haze hangs over Mexicali.
Coal Consumption In The U.S. Falls To Lowest Level Since 1979
Americans are consuming less coal in 2018 than at any time since Jimmy Carter’s presidency, a federal report said Tuesday, as cheap natural gas and other rival sources of energy frustrate the Trump administration’s pledges to revive the U.S. coal industry.
Bernie Sanders Stakes Out Forceful Climate Stance, Leapfrogging The 2020 Field
Two years can be a split second in geological time and an eternity in politics, but it may also be just long enough for an issue ignored in one election to reach center stage in the next.
David Attenborough’s Dire Climate Warning: ‘Our Greatest Threat In Thousands Of Years’
David Attenborough, the famed naturalist and conservation advocate, issued a dire warning for the world during a speech at the United Nations’ annual climate summit on Monday: Act now, or the natural world, humanity included, may soon collapse.
What You Need To Know About Climate Change Ahead Of Next Week’s UN Summit
A fresh round of international climate negotiations, called COP24, kicks off in Poland next week. This annual event brings together world leaders, scientists, campaigners, the private sector and local community representatives to debate how to address climate change and put in place policies to tackle it. Here are some of
Three years after Paris accord, climate talks begin under new political and scientific realities
Three years after forging the landmark Paris climate accord, world leaders are meeting again to decide how to turn emissions-cutting pledges into action.
Trump Admin OKs Underwater Seismic Blasts That Could Severely Hurt Marine Life
The Trump administration announced Friday that it approved requests from five companies to survey for oil and gas under the floor of the Atlantic Ocean using a process some scientists have warned is disastrous for marine life.
Al Gore Torches Donald Trump: He ‘Is Now The Face Of Climate Denial’ Around The World
Former Vice President Al Gore thinks President Donald Trump is now the global poster boy for denying climate change.
Why the U.S. Can’t Solve Big Problems
The federal government released a devastating report last week documenting the immense economic and human cost that the U.S. will incur as a result of climate change. It warns that the damage to roads alone will add up to $21 billion by the end of the century.
California talks a good game on land-use and climate change, but it's still a land of SUVs and sprawl
A decade ago, California lawmakers passed a groundbreaking law that was supposed to help fight climate change by curbing urban sprawl. Senate Bill 375 required the state’s 18 regional agencies to plan and design housing and transportation projects so people wouldn’t have to drive as much, cutting the greenhouse gas