Noteworthy News

Santa Monica Bets on Electric Cars, but Consumers Are Slow to Switch
It would seem to be a good time to own an electric car in Santa Monica.
Misgivings About How a Weed Killer Affects the Soil
The puny, yellow corn stalks stand like weary sentries on one boundary of Dennis Von Arb’s field here.
Administration to Press Ahead With Carbon Limits
The Obama administration on Friday announced that it was not backing down from a confrontation with the coal industry and would press ahead with enacting the first federal carbon limits on the nation’s power companies.
The Dilemma of a Hardcore Environmentalist: Trying Not to Scare the S#*+ Out of My Family, or Succumb to Defeatist Apathy
First disclaimer: I'm NOT that hardcore. I don't eat a strictly plant-based diet... yet. I ONLY take the bus when it works time-wise, or ride my bike when traffic volume and ecological impulses align. 
How We Learned Not to Guzzle
For as long as most of us can remember, the nation’s energy news has trended from bad to worse, starting with the oil crises of the 1970s.
China’s Plan to Curb Air Pollution Sets Limits on Coal Use and Vehicles
The Chinese government announced an ambitious plan on Thursday to curb air pollution across the nation, including setting some limits on burning coal and taking high-polluting vehicles off the roads to ensure a drop in the concentration of particulate matter in cities.
10 Foods Sold in the U.S. That Are Banned Elsewhere
Americans are slowly realizing that food sold in the US doesn’t just taste different than foods sold in other countries, it’s created differently.
Drought Helped Spark Syria’s Civil War — Is it One of Many Climate Wars to Come?
Climate change is already hurting the world’s most vulnerable populations.
Top 10 Cities Leading in Urban Sustainability
Cities have leapt ahead of slow-moving bureaucratic national governments to create more sustainable living environments.
A New Divestment Focus: Fossil Fuels
In the 1980s, it was South Africa. In the 1990s, it was tobacco. Now fossil fuels have become the focus of those who would change the world through the power of investing.