Noteworthy News

What to Make of a Warming Plateau
As unlikely as this may sound, we have lucked out in recent years when it comes to global warming.
REFILE-Elite flyers pressure United Airlines to act on climate change
A group of United Airlines' most frequent flyers, including billionaire investor Tom Steyer, on Monday called on the big airline to stop blocking climate change actions.
Greenhouse gases nearing highly dangerous levels, study finds
Emissions of heat-trapping greenhouse gases are growing at such a rate that the world will probably exceed a safe limit in average global temperatures by the end of the century and veer into a higher temperature zone that would profoundly damage economic growth and most other aspects of life, according to a new report by
Bill Would Sweeten Loans for Energy-Efficient Homes
Home buyers purchasing energy-efficient properties could qualify for larger mortgages than their incomes would normally allow under a Senate bill reintroduced Thursday with broad real estate industry support.
A More Accurate Pulse on Sustainability
For the last decade, Sudan’s oil exports helped create strong economic growth for the strife-torn country of 11 million in north-east Africa. 
U.S. to Lease Federal Waters for Commercial Offshore Wind Energy
The federal government will hold the first lease sale for commercial offshore wind energy projects at the end of July, the Interior Department announced on Tuesday.
Microsampling Air Pollution
Near the corner of Tillary and Jay Streets in Brooklyn, Michael Heimbinder stood near a blue mailbox, head down, poking at his smartphone. A graph appeared: a single line plotting ambient carbon monoxide exposure in the neighborhood.
Fracking Tests Ties Between California ‘Oil and Ag’ Interests
Scattered on either side of Shafter Avenue just north of the town center here, new oil pump jacks, some bobbing and others thrusting, tower above this corner of California’s prime farmland.
Kids awarded for their creativity
Several students in Santa Monica public schools were rewarded for their creativity last week as city officials announced the winners of the fifth annual Sustainable Santa Monica Student Poster Contest.
On the Front Lines of Food Safety
With piles of fresh strawberries beckoning consumers at markets and stores this season, an alliance of a major retailer, fruit growers and farm workers has begun a program to promote healthy produce and improve working conditions.