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Regulators warned against housing near freeways due to health risks. Now they're warming to it
Twelve years ago, California air quality officials delivered a warning to cities and counties: Avoid putting new homes in high-pollution zones within 500 feet of freeways.
L.A. and its trash haulers are quarreling over customer bills in the city's new recycling program
The honeymoon could soon be over between Los Angeles and the trash companies picked to carry out the city’s huge new recycling program. Over the last three months, the city’s Bureau of Sanitation and the refuse haulers have been at odds over the hefty new fees showing up on customers’ bills — including one being charged
'Am I going to get out of here alive?' In one of Africa's most dangerous corners, a fight to the death for the elephants
Kambale Mate huddled beneath a tangle of grass, looking up at bright stars in a moonless sky, a tumble of chaotic events cascading through his mind. Where were the other wildlife rangers, Jean de Dieu Matongo and Joel Meriko Ari? Were they alive? He had been a ranger for only five months at Garamba National Park, the last
Couple donates $165 million to preserve 24,000 acres at Point Conception
A conservation group on Thursday purchased a sprawling stretch of Santa Barbara County coastline — a prized acquisition made possible by a $165-million gift from a couple who had long sought to protect the pristine ranchland from development. The nonprofit Nature Conservancy acquired the Cojo-Jalama Ranches, which comprise
Preparing for a drier future along the Colorado River
After a 17-year run of mostly dry years, the Colorado River’s flow has decreased significantly below the 20th century average. Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the country, now stands just 39 percent full. The level of the reservoir behind Hoover Dam has been hovering a bit above historic lows during the past year,
Heartbreaking Video Shows Starving Polar Bear On Warming Canadian Island
A gut-wrenching video taken on Canada’s Baffin Island shows an adult polar bear that looks like little more than a bag of bones covered by slack fur. The bear is pulling his body across an iceless emptiness, desperately seeking food.
Key California environmental law not a barrier to development, new state report says
The state’s primary environmental law governing development doesn’t block development from actually happening, according to a state study released Thursday.
Trump’s EPA wants to ignore science and put more dirty trucks back on the road
Diesel exhaust fumes are the most foul tailpipe emissions on the road, as anyone stuck in traffic behind an aging bus or 18-wheeler can attest.
Volkswagen Executive Gets Max Sentence Of 7 Years For Role In Emissions Scandal
A former Volkswagen AG executive received the maximum sentence on Wednesday of seven years in prison and a $400,000 fine for his role in the company’s emissions scandal.
The Environmental Scandal in Scott Pruitt’s Backyard
ar Creek, Oklahoma, is breathtaking in a terrible way: At one time the world’s deepest source of lead and zinc, the three-town region is now a cratered landscape so poisonous that no one, aside from 10 holdouts, can live there.