Noteworthy News

Starbucks To Eliminate Plastic Straws From All Of Its Stores By 2020
Starbucks has announced it is eliminating plastic straws from its stores worldwide over the next two years, an environmental measure that it said will remove more than a billion plastic straws annually from its stores.
California and New York City: We’ll buy more electric cars. How about you?
A coalition of states, cities and businesses determined to fight climate change announced a campaign Tuesday to buy more zero-emission vehicles for their own fleets and persuade others to do the same. Coalition members, which include the state of California and the city of New York, also called upon automakers to develop
Tesla's China factory: Will it ever be built?
Elon Musk in 2015 told the Chinese news media that Tesla might begin producing cars at a new China manufacturing plant “within three years.”
American Airlines Joins Efforts To Eliminate Plastic Straws, Stirrers
American Airlines announced Tuesday that it is joining global corporate and government efforts to reduce plastic waste by removing plastic straws from its airport lounges, the first of several planned steps.
Agency that delivered brown, smelly water to customers should be dissolved, board rules
Residents of working-class neighborhoods in Compton and Willowbrook have long fought an uphill battle against their local water district, which over the years has been accused of mismanagement, nepotism, bad service and, most recently, sending brown, smelly water through their taps.
Happy 75 Years Of Smog, LA. We Don't Wear Gas Masks Anymore But The Air Is Still Terrible
In Los Angeles, smog is a given and most of us know its primary source is cars and trucks. But the story of how our infamous smog came to be is as thick and convoluted as the smog itself.
Racing to save Florida’s coral from climate change, scientists turn to a once-unthinkable strategy: ‘assisted evolution’
In a hurricane-proof lab miles down the Florida Keys, scientists coddle, the way a parent might, tiny pieces of coral from the moment they are spawned until they are just hearty enough to be separated into specimens equipped to survive in the wild.
Environmentally minded Californians love to recycle — but it's no longer doing any good
Californians dutifully load up their recycling bins and feel good about themselves. They’re helping the environment and being good citizens.
The roiled solar power market shows how Trump's tariffs can disrupt an industry
A 30% U.S. tariff on imported solar panels put in place last winter should have caused prices here to jump.
EPA Sitting On Warnings About Cancer-Causing Chemical: Report
The Environmental Protection Agency is suppressing a bombshell report warning that most Americans inhale enough formaldehyde vapor to risk developing leukemia or other diseases, a former agency official and a current one told Politico.