Noteworthy News

California high-speed rail: A train to nowhere without a conductor
 Everything was looking good Wednesday night at the High-Speed Rail Authority’s big meeting in Pacoima.
Destroying Unsold Clothes Is Fashion’s Dirty Secret. And We’re Complicit.
You get the sense that luxury fashion label Burberry very much regrets its decision to burn $38 million of unsold stock rather than let it fall into the wrong hands.
Elon Musk gets off the ropes with SEC settlement, but Tesla still has a bruising fight ahead
It looked like it was curtains for Elon Musk.
FIT Panelists Suggest Fighting Fast Fashion in the Name of Sustainability
The impact of fast fashion on sustainability was one of the takeaways Thursday morning at the Fashion Institute of Technology.
Gas prices in Southern California are rising toward $4 a gallon
Gasoline prices are climbing toward $4 a gallon in Southern California, boosted in large part by a rise in worldwide crude oil prices.
After SEC fraud charge, Tesla board is 'fully confident in Elon.'
The Securities and Exchange Commission charged Elon Musk with fraud on Thursday, alleging that the Tesla chief executive's tweets about taking the electric-car company private at $420 a share were “false and misleading.” It asked a federal court to force Musk out of Tesla’s leadership and ban him from running any public
Trump administration defends nerve agent pesticide found harmful to children
The Trump administration appears ready to go to the mat for chlorpyrifos, a widely used pesticide that has been linked to developmental disorders in children whose mothers were exposed to it during pregnancy.
Gas-tax repeal backers to launch new campaign to halt California's bullet train
Backers of a November initiative to repeal the gas-tax increase said Monday they will also ask voters to approve a measure in 2020 that would provide funds to fix roads without charging Californians more at the pump, and would halt the state’s $77-billion high-speed rail project.
Federal Judge Restores Endangered Species Protection To Yellowstone-Area Grizzlies
A federal judge on Monday restored endangered species protection to about 700 grizzly bears living in or around Yellowstone National Park just days before Wyoming and Idaho were set to allow the hunting of nearly two dozen of the animals.
Environmentalists and police battle in a 12,000-year-old German forest in fight over coal mining
When German riot police began removing environmental protesters from treehouses perched high in a 12,000-year-old forest, they were met with an organic response: buckets of human waste raining down on their helmets and shoulders.