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Trump's directive on offshore drilling will face solid resistance in California
President Trump painted a golden future of “great wealth” and “great jobs” powered by oil pumped from the ocean floor as he signed an executive order on Friday to consider new offshore drilling around the country.
The fight against climate change in California gains an unlikely ally: Republicans
Srepping further into its role as the nation’s pioneer on climate issues, California might soon clear a hurdle that has long frustrated environmental advocates: Republicans say they’re joining the fight against global warming.
Local San Francisco pitches plan for future of California rivers
For decades, San Francisco has been blissfully removed from California’s water wars.
After intense public anger, Republicans waver over slashing Obama-era action on methane gas
As Republican lawmakers consider how closely to align with the climate skepticism and fossil fuel fervor radiating from the White House, a nascent clean air initiative that energy firms want scrapped is fast testing their comfort zone.
Bee deaths soar in this year’s pollination season, but why is proving to be a whodunit Read more here:
As a beekeeper, Rafael Reynaga is used to losing a few bees during almond pollination. But he was unprepared for the death of tens of thousands of his bees in what Fresno County agriculture officials are calling a perfect storm of events.
Top California legislator vows court fight if EPA revokes Clean Air waiver
California’s top two legislative leaders, Senate Pro Tem Kevin de León and Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, were both in the desert last week, visiting with area Democrats as well as business and education leaders.
The Dangers of Land Subsidence From California’s Groundwater Overdraft
Land subsidence from overpumping groundwater in the San Joaquin Valley has been called the largest human alteration of the Earth’s surface. 
46 killed, dozens missing in Ethiopia garbage dump landslide
A mountain of trash gave way in a massive garbage dump on the outskirts of Ethiopia's capital, killing at least 46 people and leaving several dozen missing, residents said, as officials vowed to relocate those who called the landfill home.
California won't meet its climate change goals without a lot more housing density in its cities
To meet the bold new climate change goals put in place last year, California will work to put millions of electric cars on the road, revolutionize its dairy industry and generate half of all power from solar panels and other renewable sources.
Coronado beaches reopen weeks after Tijuana sewage spill
CORONADO, Calif. – Sunday was the first day in several weeks that surfers, swimmers and kids wanting to play in the the wet sand had a green light to touch the Pacific Ocean in Coronado, but miles of beach south of there remained closed due to the huge sewage spill in Tijuana.