Noteworthy News

It's been a deadly season for environmental activists and land defenders in Brazil
When villagers refused to let a timber exporter log on their land in a remote Amazon rainforest area of Brazil’s Mato Grosso state, the hit men were sent in.
As climate warms, fire-ravaged Sweden gets a taste of California
A wildfire sparked, and then another, until more than 50 blazes were burning across the landscape.
Electric vehicles gradually spark Valley interest. Will powering up be a problem?
There are fewer than 5,000 automobiles in Fresno, Kings, Madera and Tulare counties that are powered primarily by electricity – either battery-electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles that get their charge from a cord and an outlet rather than a hose and a gas pump.
How the marvel of electric light became a global blight to health
Light pollution is often characterised as a soft issue in environmentalism. This perception needs to change. Light at night constitutes a massive assault on the ecology of the planet, including us.
California's salmon industry fears it will be wiped out by Trump
Heather Sears has been fishing for salmon out of this unassuming coastal community for nearly two decades. This year, for the first time since she arrived in 1999, she won’t be going out to sea.
California's destructive summer brings blunt talk about climate change
At Scripps Pier in San Diego, the surface water reached the highest temperature in 102 years of records, 78.8 degrees.
Musk says Tesla will be self-funded, shunning Wall Street
The most eye-popping moment in Tesla’s earnings call with analysts Wednesday was not when Chief Executive Elon Musk apologized to the analysts he dissed on a previous call in May. It was not the fact that Tesla posted a $717-million loss for the quarter, or cut down on its cash burn.
In the California desert, a farm baron is building a water and energy empire
The full story of Mike Abatti’s enormous influence — over the desert’s Colorado River water, agriculture and energy — has never been told. Until now.
Los Angeles considers a ban on selling fur
Los Angeles could become the biggest city in the United States to ban businesses from selling fur, under a plan being vetted at City Hall.
Tesla lost $717 million but vows to make a profit next quarter
Tesla reported another big loss for the second quarter. But it burned less cash along the way to ramping up production of its “bet the company” electric sedan, the Model 3.