Noteworthy News

L.A. and Long Beach mayors sign pact setting zero-emissions goals for ports
The mayors of Los Angeles and Long Beach signed an agreement Monday directing the nation’s largest port complex to reduce air pollution by moving toward zero-emission trucks and yard equipment.
Local internship tackles climate change
High school and college students who have yet to fill up their summer schedules can still apply this week for a paid internship with Climate Action Santa Monica. 
Jerry Brown defies Trump on world stage
LOS ANGELES — For the past two years, California Gov. Jerry Brown has been aggressively recruiting other state and local governments to sign on to their own, sub-national climate pact.
248 US Climate Mayors commit to adopt, honor and uphold Paris Climate Agreement goals
The President’s denial of global warming is getting a cold reception from America’s cities.
Donald Trump Reportedly Plans To Withdraw From Paris Climate Deal
President Donald Trump plans to withdraw from the Paris Agreement on climate change, multiple outlets reported Wednesday.
Cannes 2017: Al Gore, undaunted by Trump, talks red-state victories and 'An Inconvenient Sequel'
It has not been a very good year for those concerned with climate change. 
Climate Change Is Turning Antarctica Green
Antarctica, the desolate southernmost continent boasting the coldest climate on Earth, usually brings to mind visions of ice, snow and penguins.
Donald Trump Delays Final Decision On Paris Agreement Until Next Week
The White House will decide next week on whether to remain in the Paris Agreement, the historic climate 2015 pact President Donald Trump vowed to withdraw from during his campaign last year.
Ocean might swallow California sooner than you think
A slow-moving emergency is lapping at California’s shores— climate-driven sea-level rise that experts now predict could elevate the water in coastal areas up to 10 feet in just 70 years, gobbling up beachfront and overwhelming low-lying cities.
Santa Monica's new back-to-nature beach project has drawn the attention of rare birds
On a popular beach that is groomed, sifted and devoid of vegetation, Santa Monica officials and a local environmental group are restoring three acres of sand to a more natural state.