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Air Pollution Kills Millions Each Year. Here’s How Cities Can Fight It.
When a city’s air is dirty, it threatens residents’ health and economic security. This problem is worsening across the globe, and air quality experts say cities owe it to their people to take action.
PG&E wants ratepayers to pay California wildfire costs
Fearing billions of dollars in future liability, PG&E has been aggressively urging state regulators to make it easier for the company to charge ratepayers — rather than its shareholders — when its power lines and other electrical equipment cause wildfires. Top PG&E executives met as recently as last week to lobby
Under Trump, the lines are drawn for a battle over resources in the West
Signal Peak Energy operates the West’s newest and largest underground coal mine. As recently as 2013, it employed more than 300 people, produced nearly 9 million tons of coal and was helping to revive a regional coal industry that had been dormant for 50 years.
The beginning of the end of big, climate-changing power plants in California
Plans to build a new natural-gas-fueled power plant on the Ventura County coast had been in the works for years, and the project seemed like an all-but-done deal just a few short weeks ago.
Republicans see new chance for oil drilling in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
The last time congressional Republicans mounted a serious push to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil exploration, they painted America as a desperate petroleum mess. The need, they said, was clear.
Senate Republicans Block Measure To Protect Arctic Wildlife Refuge From Oil Drilling
Almost every Senate Republican voted Thursday to block an amendment that would have protected a swath of the Alaskan Arctic from oil exploration, flouting attempts from Democrats and environmental groups to keep the region under government protection.
Racing to repair the Oroville Dam spillway — before the rains come
 In one of the fastest-paced civic construction jobs in recent U.S. history, hundreds of carpenters, operating engineers and iron workers are rushing to complete repairs to the damaged Oroville Dam spillway.
2 years after the gas leak above Porter Ranch, here’s what’s changed — and what hasn’t
Thousands fled their homes after a massive gas leak sprung at the Southern California Gas Co.’s Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility, ultimately spewing more than 100,000 metric tons of climate-altering methane into the atmosphere.
Goodbye golf course, hello olive groves! New Palm Springs enclave to become an ‘agri-hood’
The olive – that familiar little fruit lolling around in your martini – is about to make a splash in the Southern California real estate market.
EPA Abruptly Blocks 3 Agency Scientists From Giving Talks On Climate Change
The Environmental Protection Agency has reportedly barred three agency scientists from giving talks about climate change at a conference in Rhode Island days before they were scheduled to speak.