Noteworthy News

Environmental Fund and Wal-Mart Team Up to Cut Waste
Bundled cardboard from Wal-Mart for recycling. The retailer says it reuses or recycles 80 percent of the waste in domestic stores.
Warming Atlantic primes the Amazon for fire
The warming Atlantic Ocean is drawing moisture away from the Western Amazon, drying the rainforest and catching residents by surprise. 'We weren't prepared.' By Barbara Fraser for The Daily Climate
Nasa scientist: climate change is a moral issue on a par with slavery
Prof Jim Hansen to use lecture at Edinburgh International Science Festival to call for worldwide tax on all carbon emissions.
Uranium Mines Dot Navajo Land, Neglected and Still Perilous
Weather Runs Hot and Cold, So Scientists Look to the Ice
For New Generation of Power Plants, a New Emission Rule From the E.P.A.
Amy Sancetta/Associated Press A coal-fired power plant in Ohio. New coal plants will face hurdles under the proposed rule. By FELICITY BARRINGER
Clouded readings of EPA study of Dimock water, featured in 'Gasland'
All red meat is bad for you, new study says
Eating any amount and any type of red meat increases the risk of premature death, a new study says. (William Thomas Cain / Getty Images / March 12, 2012)
Risks: More Red Meat, More Mortality
Eating red meat is associated with a sharply increased risk of death from cancer and heart disease, according to a new study, and the more of it you eat, the greater the risk.
A Chicken Without Guilt
Real Fake Chicken: The Op-Ed columnist Mark Bittman visits a factory that is perfecting a new type of vegetarian substitute for chicken.