Noteworthy News

Trump administration steps up war with California over environmental protections
The Trump administration stepped up its offensive Monday on California's environmental laws, suing to reverse a state law that seeks to handcuff the federal government from selling any of the 45.8 million acres of property it controls in the state.
Trump's effort to revoke California's emission rules will be a disaster — for the auto industry
The old adage about being sorry when you get what you asked for is about to land squarely on the head of the automobile industry.
Don't let Trump and Pruitt Make America Smoggy Again
The world is increasingly speeding toward a future of clean, zero-emissions cars. China — the largest auto market on the planet — plans to ban the sale of new vehicles powered by gasoline and diesel engines in the coming decades. Until then, the Chinese government requires that carmakers sell an increasing number of hybrid
EPA abandons fuel mileage goals and seeks to revoke California's ability to set its own standard
Setting up its most aggressive clash yet with California over environmental standards, the Trump administration signaled Monday that it may revoke the state's ability under the Clean Air Act to impose stricter rules for vehicle emissions.
The Sierra Nevada snowpack will be 64% smaller by the end of this century. We need to prepare now
Although recent storms have dumped heavy snow across the Sierra Nevada, Monday's snowpack measurement will almost certainly show that it is still well below average. Last week, the Sierra-wide reading put the total snowpack at 15.8 inches of water content, or 43% below normal.
How Cape Town found water savings California never dreamed of
A six-car municipal police convoy skidded to a halt outside a Cape Town house, and police leaped from their cars at the offending sight: a trickle of hose water splashing onto a squat red flower.
New rules would make it easier to find oil — and noisier for whales
The search for offshore oil begins with a boom.
Scott Pruitt’s Dirty Politics
One afternoon last April, Scott Pruitt, the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, travelled to the Harvey Mine, in Sycamore, Pennsylvania, to declare that the agency had a new direction, which he called “Back to Basics.” 
Yet another California electric vehicle is coming. But this start-up has manufacturing expertise
The latest electric vehicle Silicon Valley start-up held its coming-out party Wednesday to introduce two crossover sport utility vehicles. Another EV player? Yes. But this one comes with some unusual twists.
Southern California might foot the bill for delta tunnels project — with no promise of reimbursement
Southern California's biggest water agency is considering picking up most of the bill for overhauling the state's waterworks without any guarantee that it will eventually recoup its additional, multibillion-dollar investment.