Noteworthy News

Behind a $13 shirt, a $6-an-hour worker
Before dawn six days a week, Norma Ulloa left the two-bedroom apartment she shared with four family members and boarded a bus that took her to a stifling factory on the outskirts of downtown Los Angeles.
Palo Alto bans idling of vehicle engines
Construction vehicles, tech shuttle buses and even Mark Zuckerberg’s private security detail must stop their idling.
Should California spend $3 billion to help people buy electric cars?
Over seven years, the state of California has spent $449 million on consumer rebates to boost sales of zero-emission vehicles.
To anyone who believes environmental regulation is poison for profits, California must be infuriating.
Exxon Mobil ‘Misled’ Public On Climate Change For 40 Years, Harvard Study Finds
Exxon Mobil Corp. deliberately deceived the public about the dangers of climate change for four decades, a new Harvard University study finds.
Carbon in atmosphere is rising, even as emissions stabilize
On the best days, the wind howling across this rugged promontory has not touched land for thousands of miles, and the arriving air seems as if it should be the cleanest in the world.
Trump administration kills push to ban bottled water in national parks
The Trump administration’s latest environmental rollback is an unusual one, but with a familiar feature: It benefits big business.
Power grid operator offers alternatives to natural gas plant but at higher cost
The manager of California’s electric grid told state regulators that clean energy could be substituted for a proposed natural gas plant in Ventura County but at a higher cost.
Will a trade fight with Asia sabotage the U.S. solar industry? That may be up to Trump
President Trump’s most useful ally in his push to restore the dominance of coal, oil and gas in America could ultimately turn out to be a pair of bankrupt solar firms seeking help from the federal government getting back on their feet.
Jerry Brown talks a green game. So why isn't California tougher on these polluters?
Do regulators in California have your back when utilities or industries run amok, or when there’s a threat to public health in your neighborhood?