Noteworthy News

Get ready to save water: Permanent California restrictions approved by Gov. Jerry Brown
The drought may be over, but California residents should prepare themselves for new and more permanent restrictions on water use.
Triclosan could be really harmful to your gut, and it's probably in your toothpaste
Triclosan, an antimicrobial agent found in toys, toothpaste, cosmetics and more than 2,000 other consumer products, has been found to wreak havoc on the guts of mice whose blood concentrations of the compound are roughly equivalent to a typical level for humans.
Oil-rich Saudi Arabia is turning to another resource to power the kingdom — sunshine
Ever since a team of American geologists discovered oil in the Saudi Arabian desert 80 years ago, the kingdom’s vast crude reserves, estimated at one-fifth of the world’s total, have been the primary engine of its economic growth — and a major source of its international clout.
Estonia Is About To Roll Out Free Public Transport Across The Whole Country
If you like getting things for free, be prepared to feel envious. Starting July 1, Estonia will allow citizens to get from one end of the northern European country to the other without ever reaching into their wallets.
EPA used disavowed research to justify putting dirtier trucks on the road
At a time when acts of defiance against the Trump administration are ​​​​routine in Sacramento, the rebuke that breezed through the California Assembly this month still came as a jolt. Even Trump loyalists in the chamber joined in.
Straws. Bottle caps. Polyester. These are the new targets of California's environmental movement
It took years of activist campaigns to turn the plastic bag into a villain, and hard-fought legislation to reduce its presence in oceans and waterways. Now, environmentalists and lawmakers are deploying similar tactics against a new generation of plastic pollutants.
Del Mar stands firm against 'planned retreat'
Del Mar’s City Council agreed Monday night that “planned retreat” will not be part of its long-term strategy for dealing with sea-level rise, despite the state Coastal Commission’s urging to include the idea.
Lawmakers seek $16 million to expand Exide lead cleanup beyond yards
 A long-overlooked source of lead contamination in neighborhoods near a closed Vernon battery recycler could be cleaned under a push by state lawmakers to target the grassy strips between sidewalks and streets.
EPA blocks CNN and Associated Press journalists from attending Pruitt speech
The Environmental Protection Agency blocked reporters from several news outlets from a national summit on Tuesday where Scott Pruitt, the agency's chief, was speaking.
What happened to the 'affordable' $35,000 Tesla Model 3?
It's March 2016. Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk is on stage for the dramatic unveiling of the Tesla Model 3.