Noteworthy News

Lawmakers urge regulators to delay plans for Oxnard power plant
Three state lawmakers on Tuesday urged regulators to reconsider a controversial natural gas project proposed for Ventura County, citing environmental concerns and questions about whether the state already has too many power plants.
There's a glacier in Antarctica so immense that, if it melted, would raise sea levels globally by 3.5 metres. It's melting. Right now.
In North Dakota, it could become legal to hit a protester with your car
For months, opponents of the proposed $3.8-billion Dakota Access pipeline waged protests. 
Air quality board set to adopt smog plan with voluntary measures for ports, tougher rules on refineries
Southern California air quality regulators are poised to adopt a pollution-reduction plan Friday that relies on voluntary measures from ports, warehouses and rail yards responsible for much of the region’s harmful emissions.
Here’s what Santa Monica Beach will look like after it’s landscaped to resist rising sea levels
Santa Monica Beach is going to look a little different soon, thanks to a beach restoration project that will partially enclose and re-landscape about three acres of sand with native vegetation.
Congress sends major California water policy to President Obama, despite Sen. Barbara Boxer's objections
Over Sen. Barbara Boxer’s objections, the Senate voted 78 to 21 Friday evening to pass sweeping water infrastructure legislation that changes how much water is pumped from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta to San Joaquin Valley farmers and Southern California.
North Dakota’s Oil Spill Record: 85 Pipeline Accidents in 20 Years
Environmentalists who oppose the controversial Dakota Access pipeline have a message for the United States Army Corps of Engineers and the incoming Trump administration: When it comes to pumping oil across North Dakota, past is prologue, and that’s bad news for human health and the environment.
EPA moves fast on mpg regs as inauguration draws near
Despite protests from the auto industry, the Environmental Protection Agency wants to keep strict gas mileage targets in place and is trying to fast-track those standards before President-elect Donald Trump takes office in January.
Oregon Finds Switching From Coal to Renewable Energy Is a Bargain
Oregon may have a reputation for rainy weather, but the outlook for the renewable energy there is definitely sunny.
Health officials order Paramount metal plants to stop emissions or suspend operations
In a rare intervention, county health officials Thursday ordered two Paramount metal-processing plants to stop emissions of hexavalent chromium or shut down operations contributing to high levels of the cancer-causing air pollutant.