Noteworthy News

Dakota Access pipeline protester may lose her arm after small explosion, activists say
Activists said a Dakota Access pipeline protester could have her arm amputated after suffering an injury from a small explosion Sunday night, and protesters and law enforcement officials accused each other of being responsible.
Kerry tells climate conference that the U.S. will fight global warming — with Trump or without
Secretary of State John F. Kerry took the stage at United Nations climate talks in Morocco on Wednesday, seeking to reassure nervous negotiators that a groundbreaking agreement to fight global warming will survive with Donald Trump in the White House.
Want to See Global Warming's Potential Impact on Santa Monica Beaches?
A few decades from now, your favorite sunning spot along the beach in Santa Monica could succumb to the fish as a result of global warming and an expected rise in sea level. It sounds like the plot of a summer blockbuster, but a group of scientists is using technology to visualize this potential real-life scenario.
Canada May Approve an Oil Pipeline That Threatens the World's Most Endangered Killer Whales
Environmentalists are making a last-ditch effort to thwart a Canadian oil pipeline plan that they say will further degrade the fragile habitat of endangered killer whales.
Climate Change Is Already Altering the World’s Gene Pool
The dire impact of human-caused climate change on ecosystems, species, and public health is already well under way, a landmark study published Friday in the journal Science warns.
Agriculture Hasn’t Made Much Progress on Its Promise to End Deforestation
Lots of talk but little concrete action—that seems to be the takeaway from a new report published this week examining the progress made in tackling the global agriculture industry’s devastating effect on the world’s forests.
The biggest auto-scandal settlement in U.S. history was just approved. VW buybacks start soon
Volkswagen took a big step toward trying to fix its tattered reputation Tuesday as a federal judge formally approved a $14.7-billion settlement of the automaker’s emissions cheating case.
Weather reports, but for earthquakes: Why you should pay attention during the next seismic forecast
It’s one of those coping skills that come with living in earthquake country: Putting the risk out of your mind until that moment you feel the shaking.
Tapping landfills to generate power seemed smart. So why is the industry threatened?
Tapping methane produced from decaying garbage in landfills to generate electricity was among California’s earliest experiments in renewable energy.
Renewable Energy Is About to Get Supersized
Get ready for the supergrid.