Noteworthy News

Number of solar jobs drops 14% in California and nearly 4% nationwide
After several years of growth, the number of jobs in the solar energy sector took a hit in 2017, with California absorbing the biggest blow.
Is anyone in charge at L.A. City Hall?
"You were had," said one angry taxpayer.
Emergency responders train to rescue sea lions, other wildlife caught in oil spills
A rescue team from the Pacific Marine Mammal Center reacted instantly when they found a sea lion covered in oil on a San Clemente beach in 2015.
California moves ahead with one delta tunnel, scaling back ambitious water delivery project
State officials Wednesday said they will press ahead with a smaller version of a long-planned water delivery project, initially building one, instead of two, massive tunnels in the heart of California's vast waterworks.
Could a ferry solve the Westside’s traffic problem?
Fantasizing about more transportation options occupies the time of any Westsider sitting in gridlock.
Defending the environment has become a suicide mission in many parts of the world
Environmental activists around the globe are being killed as they struggle to protect fragile ecosystems. From Brazil to Congo, the Philippines to Tanzania, the toll is heaviest in countries beset by corruption and weak enforcement, where entrenched government and business elites break laws with impunity.
Humanity will need to make some drastic changes if it wants to keep the 'good life' going
Bad news, Earthlings: It may be possible for everyone on the planet to live a "good" life. It may also be possible for humans to live within their environmental means.
Environmentalism or ‘nanny state’? Efforts to regulate plastic in California take off
Environmental advocates in California who successfully pushed for a ban on single-use plastic bags have expanded their fight against plastic waste, targeting straws and bottle caps and calling on the state to increase the amount of recycled material in plastic water and soda bottles.
California wants more electric cars. The Trump administration doesn't. Automakers are in the hot seat
An intensifying clash between California and Washington over getting cleaner, more fuel-efficient vehicles on the road has put auto companies in a bind as they contemplate what cars they should be rolling onto showroom floors.
Trump Says He ‘Really Didn’t Care’ About Drilling Arctic Refuge. Then A Friend Called.
 President Donald Trump said Thursday that he had little interest in opening Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling until a friend “who’s in that world and in that business” called and told him Republicans have been trying to do so for decades.