Noteworthy News

Goodbye golf course, hello olive groves! New Palm Springs enclave to become an ‘agri-hood’
The olive – that familiar little fruit lolling around in your martini – is about to make a splash in the Southern California real estate market.
EPA Abruptly Blocks 3 Agency Scientists From Giving Talks On Climate Change
The Environmental Protection Agency has reportedly barred three agency scientists from giving talks about climate change at a conference in Rhode Island days before they were scheduled to speak.
Fall plant sales just in time for cool-season gardening
Southern California’s botanic gardens and arboretums are more than lovely places to stroll; a few times a year they sell a wide variety of plants you can buy for your own yard. Mid-October is prime planting time, so ready your soil and check out these sales that extend into November.
Jane Goodall reflects on a lifelong mission to save the planet, and she's far from finished
“So,” Brett Morgen began, “you’ve been telling your story for so many years. Do you get tired of answering the same questions?”
Controversial Cadiz water pipeline gets OK from federal government
In an about-face, the federal government has given Cadiz Inc. the go-ahead to lay a pipeline for its proposed desert water project in an existing railroad right-of-way.
Santa Clara Valley Water District rejects Jerry Brown’s twin Delta tunnels plan
In a landmark vote closely watched across California, Silicon Valley’s largest water agency on Tuesday rejected Gov. Jerry Brown’s $17 billion plan to build two giant tunnels under the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta.
Fires, droughts and hurricanes: What's the link between climate change and natural disasters?
California is contending with some of the deadliest fires in state history as wildfires burn across the western United States.
Porter Ranch residents exposed to Aliso Canyon gas leak have uranium, lithium and other chemicals in their bodies
High levels of uranium, lithium and a synthetic chemical used to make plastics were present in the urine and hair samples of residents who live near the site of the massive 2015 Aliso Canyon natural gas leak, according to results released Saturday by a local physician.
Coal country is finding little relief in Trump's climate actions
Every morning is filled with anxiety in this hardscrabble town so intertwined with the fortunes of its hulking coal power plant that a drawing of the facility is emblazoned on the community’s police force emblem.
When The Air In Your Home Is More Polluted Than Outside
I never knew that indoor air quality could be an issue until I moved to New York City from Northern California in 2009.