Noteworthy News

Trump administration aims to block California on fuel economy targets
The Trump administration is speeding toward all-out war with California over fuel economy rules for cars and SUVs, proposing to revoke the state's long-standing authority to enforce its own, tough rules on tailpipe emissions.
Metro wants to end free rides for clean-air vehicles in toll lanes
Facing rising congestion in the 110 Freeway and 10 Freeway toll lanes, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority on Thursday will consider ending free rides for commuters who drive alone in zero-emission vehicles.
The Exide plant in Vernon closed 3 years ago. The vast majority of lead-contaminated properties remain uncleaned
Lupe Perez knows the soil outside her Boyle Heights apartment is contaminated with lead. But it's not easy keeping her 3-year-old daughter away from a yard riddled with the brain-damaging poison.
Climate change will make California's drought-flood cycle more volatile, study finds
The recent past offers a glimpse of California's future.
How Windmills as Wide as Jumbo Jets Are Making Clean Energy Mainstream
At the northern end of Denmark’s Jutland peninsula, the wind blows so hard that rows of trees grow in one direction, like gnarled flags.
California's Trees Are Dying At A Catastrophic Rate
John Muir, naturalist and cofounder of the Sierra Club, wrote of the forests in the Sierra Nevada, "Going to the woods is going home." Unfortunately, since 2014 that home has seen unprecedented levels of tree mortality with as many as 129 million trees across 8.9 million acres lost.
Trump's EPA proposes to block regulators from considering a wide range of scientific studies
The Trump administration launched an attack on the science behind many of the nation's clean air and clean water rules, announcing a proposal Tuesday that would effectively prevent regulators from considering a wide range of health studies when they look at new regulations.
Trump's EPA argues more people will die in car accidents unless California fuel rules are weakened
The Trump administration is embracing a curious — and some would say dated — argument as it builds its case to weaken federal rules championed by California that require cars and SUVs to average 55 miles per gallon by 2025.
Yet Another Dead Whale Is Grave Reminder Of Our Massive Plastic Problem
A sperm whale was found washed ashore dead after swallowing 64 pounds of plastic debris. The male sperm whale was found on the Murcian coast in southern Spain in late February, reminding us how critical plastic waste in the oceans has become.
Contamination from a nuclear cleanup forced a shutdown. Investigators want to know who is responsible
As crews demolished a shuttered nuclear weapons plant during 2017 in central Washington, specks of plutonium were swept up in high gusts and blown miles across a desert plateau above the Columbia River.