Noteworthy News

The Yoga-Mat Chemical’s Quiet Fast-Food Exit
In early 2014, a blogger known as Food Babe launched a petition pushing sandwich chain Subway to remove an obscure chemical also used in yoga mats from its bread. Two days and more than 78,000 signatures later, Subway announced it was taking out azodicarbonamide—the yoga-mat chemical, as it came to be known.
We’ve Already Used Up Earth’s Resources For 2016 — And It’s Only August
We’ve failed again.
Disappearing Icons: Re-imagining the National Parks After Climate Change
Many national parks were chosen for, and even named after, the country’s iconic natural sights, like sequoia trees, everglades and glaciers. Now, as the climate warms, many of these icons are beginning to disappear.
An Old Source of Renewable Energy Gets a New Look
Shiny solar panels and towering wind turbines grab headlines, but the United States’ original source of renewable energy, hydropower, could make a comeback, according to a new report.
Europe Does Something Amazing With Food That Has Nothing To Do With Eating
When it comes to cutting food waste, Europe is setting an example the U.S. would be wise to follow, experts say.
With climate legislation stalling, Jerry Brown looks to potential fight at the ballot box
The battle to extend California’s climate policies could grind to a halt this year, but Gov. Jerry Brown plans to continue pressing the issue before his final term in office ends — even if that requires a ballot measure campaign in 2018.
'I say Trump is a fraud,' Gov. Jerry Brown jabs in convention speech
Criticizing Republicans for their record on climate change, California Gov. Jerry Brown took aim at GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump's onetime suggestion that the warming of the planet was fiction.
Turning Trash Into Gas May Finally Be a Thing
At WasteExpo 2016, the annual conference of the National Waste & Recycling Association, some 600 exhibits fill three cavernous floors of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Gleaming garbage trucks are on display, along with scrap metal shredders, conveyor belt systems, and pumps for spritzing deodorizer onto fetid
California's top court rules in favor of Gov. Brown's water project
The California Supreme Court cleared the way Thursday for state water authorities to do environmental and geological testing on private land for a proposed project to divert Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta water to the south.
Human-Caused Climate Change Gets Personal
Activists wanting to solve the crisis of human-caused climate change face a serious dilemma.  The threat appears neither close enough to get our sustained attention, nor distant enough to postpone doing something about it now. There’s a corollary problem: it’s too big a situation for my behavior to impact, but it is