Noteworthy News

How NASA tracks carbon emissions from space to better understand — and deal with — climate change
Fires, drought and warmer temperatures were to blame for excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere during the 2015-2016 El Niño, scientists with NASA’s Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 say.
Paris Plans To Eliminate Gas-Powered Vehicle Sales By 2030
Parisians are taking another step to stave off pollution and carbon emissions.
City orders tougher rules for oil drilling site near South L.A. homes
City officials issued a set of stringent rules Friday that an oil company must follow if it wants to continue operating a drilling site next to homes in South Los Angeles.
Southern California water agency approves pitching in $4.3 billion for massive delta tunnels project
Southern California’s largest water agency Tuesday threw a lifeline to California WaterFix, approving a $4.3-billion buy-in to the water delivery project.
San Diego County supervisors join brewing legal battle against feds over Tijuana sewage spills
The San Diego County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to join the growing legal campaign to force the federal government to do more to stop sewage from spilling over the border from Tijuana and routinely fouling beaches.
Regulators recommend that the state reject a Ventura County natural gas plant
California Energy Commission committee is urging the state to reject a proposal to build a new natural gas plant in Ventura County.
Trump administration ordered to enforce methane restrictions launched under Obama
The Trump administration is not giving up on its effort to block Obama-era restrictions on the release of potent methane emissions at oil and gas drilling operations on public land, even after a federal judge ruled its suspension of the restrictions was illegal.
Trump may strip protections from 10 national monuments
The Trump administration’s plan for shrinking and diminishing protections at America’s national monuments appears far more expansive than previously reported, targeting 10 of the nation’s most ecologically sensitive landscapes and marine preserves.
U.S. Climate Change Policy: Made in California
SACRAMENTO — The Trump administration may appear to control climate policy in Washington, but the nation’s most dynamic environmental regulator is here in California.
1,741 districts violated drinking water rules in 2016. Did you drink their water?
Public drinking water systems in California violated state and federal regulations more than 4,700 times in 2016. This database contains every violation from that year.