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California’s biggest utilities are losing their monopolies. Is that a good thing?
San Diego’s decision to go into the power business was the last straw.
My So-Called Plastic-Free Life. I Tried For A Month. Here's What Happened
My family of four gave up single-use plastic for the month of January. I mean, our execution wasn't perfect, but we gave it a good shot.
What you need to know about Clean Power Alliance, SoCal’s newest electric company
Southern California Edison has been the region’s dominant electric utility for more than a century. But for nearly 1 million homes across the Southland, the days of Edison’s monopoly are ending.
Erin Brockovich Goes After Trump Administration For Chemical Deregulation Plan
Erin Brockovich, known for her environmental and consumer activism, said it was time to “sound the alarm” as the Trump administration considers halting the regulation of two toxic chemicals that are contaminating the tap water of millions of Americans.
Talks to avoid a messy legal fight over California’s emissions rules appear stalled
Talks between the Trump administration and California over rules requiring automakers to steadily decrease car emissions are no closer to reaching a deal than when they began months ago, setting the stage for a protracted legal battle.
Tesla's chief financial officer quits as Musk addresses demand questions for its Model 3
Tesla watchers were rocked by another high-level departure Wednesday when the company’s chief financial officer, Deepak Ahuja, announced his retirement at the end of an earnings conference call with analysts.
Extreme Weather Is Already Breaking Records Around The World In 2019
n just a few weeks’ time, extreme temperatures have smashed records around the world this year, with parts of the Midwestern U.S. seeing the mercury drop as low as minus 38 degrees Fahrenheit as Australia endures triple-digit high temperatures, reigniting concerns about a changing planet.
The Very High Costs of Climate Risk
Before the catastrophic Camp Fire destroyed Paradise, Calif., the Pacific Gas and Electric Company was worth more than $25 billion. Now its C.E.O. has stepped down and the company, which provides natural gas and electricity to 16 million people in California, has filed for bankruptcy as it confronts billions of dollars in
This metal is powering today's technology—at what price?
ONE EARLY SATURDAY morning in La Paz, Álvaro García Linera, the vice president of Bolivia, greets me in the spacious salon outside his office overlooking Plaza Murillo.
California utility equipment sparked more than 2,000 fires in over three years
Equipment owned by California’s three largest utilities ignited more than 2,000 fires in three and a half years — a timespan in which state regulators cited and fined the companies nine times for electrical safety violations.