Noteworthy News

Tesla is seeking cash from suppliers, Wall Street Journal reports
Tesla has asked some of its suppliers to refund a portion of what the automaker has already spent to help it become profitable, the Wall Street Journal reports.
Water wars head upstream as state considers cutbacks for senior Central Valley irrigation districts
More than two decades after Los Angeles was forced to cut water diversions to protect California’s natural resources, the state is poised to impose similar restrictions on San Francisco and some of the Central Valley’s oldest irrigation districts.
What John Cox doesn’t want to talk about in his race for California governor
During his final two terms as California governor, Democrat Jerry Brown has made climate change his signature issue: He led delegations to United Nations conferences in Paris and Bonn. Last year, he pushed through a decade extension of the state’s cap-and-trade program for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Threatened species could lose habitat protections under Department of the Interior proposal
The Department of the Interior announced Thursday controversial plans to roll back core provisions of the Endangered Species Act, a move aimed at reducing the burdens of such safeguards on landowners, industry and governments.
In India, Summer Heat May Soon Be Literally Unbearable
On a sweltering Wednesday in June, a rail-thin woman named Rehmati gripped the doctor’s table with both hands. She could hardly hold herself upright, the pain in her stomach was so intense. 
Five years after a massive fire near Yosemite, political 'miracle' erodes as Trump demands more logging
The Rim fire in 2013 brought devastation to a vast swath of Sierra Nevada forests west of Yosemite National Park. But the third largest wildfire in state history also seemed to have worked a political miracle, at least for a while.
Climate change has come to your neighborhood, and the sizzle may never subside
A colleague once observed, many years ago, that California has two seasons.
How ripping out a plant species is helping save an endangered Southern California butterfly
The little El Segundo blue was the very first insect to make the endangered species list, back in 1976. Existing only in the coastal dunes between LAX and Palos Verdes, it has made a heartwarming return thanks to the efforts of environmentalists, who have persuaded various cities and jurisdictions to rip out ubiquitous
Supersonic Jets For The Ultra Rich Could Be A Climate Change Disaster
Fifteen years after the last Concorde flew, a new fleet of up to 2,000 supersonic business jets is in the works to ferry wealthy travelers around the world. The planes are expected to hit the runway in the next decade, but the climate change alarms are already going off.
California Is Preparing for Extreme Weather. It’s Time to Plant Some Trees
For years, there has been a movement in California to restore floodplains, by moving levees back from rivers and planting trees, shrubs and grasses in the low-lying land between. The goal has been to go back in time, to bring back some of the habitat for birds, animals and fish that existed before the state was developed.