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L.A.’s trees are more essential than ever. The city needs to start treating them that way
While bird lovers, environmentalists and poets have long put a high value on trees, the hard-nosed number crunchers in government have not. Trees have often been treated as merely aesthetic enhancements. Nice, but not essential. That’s one reason why tree maintenance is among the first government services cut during a
Remember That $20 Million Ocean Cleanup Project? It Isn’t Working.
Organizers for The Ocean Cleanup, which launched the project in September, already had their work cut out for them—the floating garbage patch is made up of an estimated 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic, which has coalesced into a field of debris twice the size of Texas, weighing in at 88,000 tons (that’s the equivalent of
Hungry, drought-stricken corner of Pakistan is a land where ‘humans don’t have water to drink’
Abdul Hameed walks along the edge of the Chiltan dam’s dry reservoir to a hut, where he spends his days watching for passing animals that could be threatened by hunters. Lately, the provincial wildlife ranger says, the beasts have been scarce.
Chuck Todd Refuses To Give Air Time To Climate Deniers: ‘The Science Is Settled’
In a special “Meet the Press” episode dedicated to global warming, NBC’s Chuck Todd said he wouldn’t indulge anyone who ignored the facts.
Catastrophic fires are a reckoning for Californians and their ‘new normal.’ Has the state reached a tipping point?
In 1860, a young botanist raised in New York and schooled in Connecticut found himself on the payroll of the newly formed California Division of Mines and Geology. His job: Roam the vast, new state, taking samples and observations of plants and animals.
How mountains of U.S. plastic waste ended up in Malaysia, broken down by workers for $10 a day
In a derelict warehouse complex plastered with “For Rent” signs an hour from the Malaysian capital, four women squatted on upturned buckets. Their fingernails were cracked and nubby, their headscarves dampened with sweat.
New Tesla director Larry Ellison is a friend of Elon Musk. Will he stand up to the mercurial CEO?
Big decisions at Tesla tend to spark controversy. That was the case Friday, when the company named Oracle’s Larry Ellison to its board of directors.
Why you can't buy the 'bloody,' meatless Impossible Burger in supermarkets
The famous “bloody,” plant-based Impossible Burger is now available at almost 5,000 restaurants in all 50 states. But that very appearance of bloodiness may have presented another regulatory hurdle for the company and its effort to get the product into supermarkets.
My kingdom for a charging station: one electric-vehicle driver’s frustrating search
It seemed like a simple plan. Halfway through a week of test-driving the new all-electric Jaguar I-Pace, and intending to drive the following day to Palm Springs, I decided to find a charging station to bring the car’s battery up to full capacity.
Renewable-energy project at Glendale landfill will get further environmental review
A proposed renewable-energy plant at the Scholl Canyon Landfill in Glendale will be getting a more thorough review to assuage fears expressed by some residents who think the project poses health and environmental hazards.