Noteworthy News

Small-scale solar's big potential goes untapped
Modest-size projects can produce electricity at a lower cost to consumers and the environment, but financing goes to big plants.
Pot farms wreaking havoc on Northern California environment
Burgeoning marijuana growing operations are sucking millions of gallons of water from coho salmon lifelines and taking other environmental tolls, scientists say.
California issues proposed rules for 'fracking'
California Gov. Jerry Brown's administration proposes rules that would require more disclosure from oil companies in the state that employ hydraulic fracturing, also known as 'fracking.'
Rain gardens capture water before it becomes urban runoff
The shallow depressions are surrounded by dirt berms and planted with climate-appropriate flowering plants. More than 185 of the gardens have been installed in northeast San Fernando Valley yards.Watching water stream under parked cars and through the gutters every time it rained made Alice Abler cringe.
E.P.A. Sets a Lower Limit for Soot Particles in the Air
WASHINGTON — The Environmental Protection Agency announced a new standard for soot pollution on Friday that will force industry, utilities and local governments to find ways to reduce emissions of particles that are linked to thousands of cases of disease and death each year.
In Doha, Philippines Negotiator Delivers Emotional Plea For Climate Change Action
This kind of thing rarely happens. But today during the United Nation's COP 18 climate change conference in Doha, the lead negotiator for the Philippines broke down.
Keystone's 'dilbit' problem
"Dilbit" — drop the word in casual conversation and listeners might think you're talking about the comic strip engineer who can't get a date. But dilbit actually stands for "diluted bitumen," a heretofore obscure oil industry term that may soon be trending on your search engine as controversy deepens over the Keystone XL
Proposed Rules on Fracking Gain Cautious Praise
Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, the controversial process of shooting water, sand and chemicals underground to retrieve oil or natural gas trapped in shale rock, has made plenty of headlines in recent years. But the drilling process involves many other steps beyond breaking up rock — and several opportunities for things
On environment, Obama likely to keep walking middle line
WASHINGTON — On election night, President Obama uttered a phrase that thrilled environmentalists. "We want our children to live in an America that isn't burdened by debt, that isn't weakened by inequality," Obama said, "that isn't threatened by the destructive power of a warming planet."
The 2,000-Year-Old Wonder Drug
THE inexorable rise in health care spending, as all of us know, is a problem. But what’s truly infuriating, as we watch America’s medical bill soar, is that our conversation has focused almost exclusively on how to pay for that care, not on reducing our need for it. In the endless debate about “health care reform,” few