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Rare, venomous sea snake found slithering on Southern California shores. Are more coming?
Rare venomous sea snake found slithering on the sand in Newport Beach earlier this week was one of a growing number of the serpents apparently drawn far north of their usual habitat by the spread of warm ocean temperatures, a biologist said Thursday.
BP to pay California $102 million to settle natural gas overcharge allegations
Energy giant BP has agreed to pay California $102 million as part of a settlement of allegations that it overcharged the state in sales of natural gas, Atty. Gen. Xavier Becerra said Thursday.
We know L.A.'s new recycling program is a fiasco, but how'd it get so screwed up?
When it comes to bureaucratic bungling by school districts, utility companies and City Hall, Los Angeles has always been an Olympic contender.
Britain's Next Megaproject: A Coast-to-Coast Forest
Northern England is set to get a whole lot greener. On Sunday, the U.K. government unveiled plans for a vast new forest spanning the country from coast to coast. Shadowing the path of the east-west M62 Highway, the new forest will create a broad green rib across England from Liverpool to the east coast city of Hull.
China’s heralded 'solar highway' closed after thieves stole one of the panels
It was supposed to be China’s grand “photovoltaic highway” — a solar energy-collecting, 0.6-mile stretch of road that symbolized the country’s extraordinary clean energy ambitions.
Democrats on both coasts cry foul after Trump administration exempts Florida from offshore drilling plan
Democratic officials in California and New York accused the Trump administration of unfair partisan treatment Tuesday after Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke exempted Florida from expanded offshore drilling — under pressure from the state’s Republican governor — without offering similar exemptions to other coastal states.
2017 Shatters Records With $306 Billion In Damages From Climate-Linked Disasters
The nation’s third-hottest year on record is now officially its costliest for billion-dollar natural disasters.
Trump plan to expand oil and gas leasing in West draws, for the most part, a big yawn from industry
During his years in the White House, President Obama erected barriers to oil and gas development on the West’s public lands. President Trump, mindful of the energy industry’s view that those rules were too restrictive, has set his sights on dismantling them.
L.A.'s new recycling program has more than 28,000 complaints for missed trash pickup
L.A.’s commercial-trash customers have filed more than 28,000 reports of missed collections since July, the latest sign of a turbulent roll-out for the city’s new recycling program.
Climate Change Has Quadrupled Ocean ‘Dead Zones,’ Researchers Warn
The size of oxygen-starved ocean “dead zones,” where plants and animals struggle to survive, has increased fourfold around the world, according to a new scientific analysis.