Spring’s Here, So Let’s Eat All of Its Best, Most Sustainable Vegetables

Longer days and warmer weather mean that early spring greens and other things are starting to appear in the markets and not a moment too soon. Here are a few updates for you.

The passion—nope, make that frenzy—this pungent wild allium inspires every year never ceases to amaze. From March through May, ramp festivals will be in full swing in Appalachia and beyond—and many chefs, home cooks, and the foragers they depend upon will do whatever it takes to get their hands on some.

In May 2015, I wrote about the abusive overharvesting of this plant. This year, I’d like to up the ante: If you’re lucky enough to have a cool, shady wooded area with damp soil, then why not think about starting your own ramp colony? It is true that when it comes to ramps, patience is not just a virtue, it’s a requirement. They can take 18 months to germinate from seed, and five to seven years may pass before they’re mature enough to harvest. But since when was sustainability about quick fixes?

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