Was March the Rainfall Miracle We’d Hoped For?

Yes, the Bay Area got a lot of rain this winter. But was it enough to end the drought?

Sadly, no. But there’s good news—this winter was the best we’ve had in five years in terms of precipitation. Rainfall in most Bay Area cities is about 100 percent of normal. San Francisco has received 21 inches of rain this winter, up from 16 inches last year.

And the state’s two biggest reservoirs, Oroville and Shasta, are now more than 80 percent full. Last March, they hovered between 50 and 59 percent.

“It’s really been kind of a wonderful last few months,” says Paul Rogers, San Jose Mercury News Environment Reporter and KQED Science Managing Editor.

El Niño’s warm ocean waters fueled storms across the state, and northern California got most of the benefit.

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