Elon Musk hands over first 30 Tesla Model 3s, but warns of 'manufacturing hell' ahead

Lights go dim. A rocket-launch-style countdown begins. Upbeat music pounds out some bass-heavy drama. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1, lift off.

Headlights shine onto the stage, and a red Tesla Model 3 rolls up a ramp.

The car brakes to a halt. A dramatic pause, and there he is! Chief Executive Elon Musk — the man making electric cars cool — steps out, walking to the edge of the stage to introduce the new “mid-market” vehicle.

A crowd of thousands — mostly Tesla employees – goes wild.

It’s supposed to be party time in Fremont, outside the renegade car company’s assembly plant. Tesla fans have been waiting for months for the company’s first truly mass-production car to hit the road.

But Musk talks for about 15 minutes, says the first 30 cars will be handed over to their new owners – all Tesla employees – and then that’s it. The much-anticipated show is over.

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