U.S. report contradicts Trump team: Warming is mostly man-made

A massive U.S. report concludes that the evidence of global warming is stronger than ever, contradicting a favorite talking point of top Trump administration officials, who downplay humans’ role in climate change.

The report, released Friday, is one of two scientific assessments required every four years. A draft showing how warming affects the U.S. also was published.

Despite fears by some scientists and environmental advocates, David Fahey of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and several authors said there was no political interference or censoring of the 477-page final report. It’s the most comprehensive summary of climate science since 2013, showing a warming-worsening world.

“A lot of what we’ve been learning over the last four years suggests the possibility that things may have been more serious than we think,” said Robert Kopp of Rutgers University, one of dozens of scientists inside and outside the government who wrote the studies.

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