‘These Storms Are Just Crazy’: Craft Beer Brewers Feel Effects Of Climate Change

Hurricane Irene’s march through Vermont’s Mad River Valley in 2011 tore down bridges and turned roads to rubble in towns like Waterbury. The storm littered businesses and city offices with debris and sewage, and damaged close to 100 homes.

One of its victims was The Alchemist brewpub, which owners John and Jen Kimmich had built from the ground-up into a darling of the craft beer scene, known throughout New England for Heady Topper, its standout India pale ale.

When the waters receded, very little in the brewpub was salvageable. The Kimmichs had actually been working on a plan B: building a production facility – with a strong structure – on higher ground. That opened days after Irene. Still, the storm was demoralizing. They were inches away from throwing in the towel.

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