High-speed rail authority says environmental reviews won't be completed until 2020

The state’s bullet train authority acknowledged Tuesday evening that it would fail to meet its self-imposed deadline to complete by 2018 the project’s environmental reviews, which determine the exact route that the electrified rail line would take between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The authority said it would not complete environmental documents outlining where each foot of the future track will lie as it traverses some of the state’s largest cities and hundreds of miles of lush farmland until 2020, long past the original deadline that envisioned 119 miles of track built this year and a starter system operating by 2022.

The announcement adds fodder for outside analysts and critics, who have long said there’s been a failure to grasp the profound difficulty of building 500 miles of new track across one of the most complex economies in the world and a lack of consistent leadership to execute the monumental task.

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