Protecting California's beaches from Donald Trump

The boat left Redondo Beach’s King Harbor early Friday morning under conditions so perfect, I couldn’t think of one good reason to ever go back to the office.

The overnight fog had lifted, with only a thin layer lingering over the Palos Verdes Peninsula. A small swell rolled gently under the boat, gulls sailed through the salt air, harbor seals frolicked and common dolphins used our wake as a playground.

We were headed to Redondo Canyon, just off the peninsula, the day after the Trump administration announced plans to open coastal waters around the country to drilling, including six regions off California. The administration is also rolling back protections put in place to reduce the risk of oil spills.

“This is one of two major submarine canyons in Santa Monica Bay,” Sarah Sikich, vice president of Heal the Bay, said when we arrived at our destination.

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