How Long Beach is Trying to Cool Down

In a coastal city, it’s easy to assume the greatest climate threat comes from the rising ocean. But in Long Beach, California, the biggest danger is not the sea, but the sun.

“We have to deal with sea-level rise,” Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia said. “But it’s not our biggest challenge. The increase in temperature is the real concern right now. It’s top of our list.”

Over the past few years, Long Beach has broken a slew of temperature records. In May 2015, the city reached 100 degrees Fahrenheit, a temperature last recorded in 1967; a 93-degree day in November 2016 broke a 1996 record. Last month, the mercury hit 104 degrees, surpassing 1965’s 99-degree high. By 2050, average temperatures in Long Beach are expected to increase between 2.3 and 2.7 degrees.

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