Don't widen any more freeways. Just make buses better

El Camino Real, the steamers that whipped around Cape Horn during the Gold Rush, the Big Four, I-5, Uber — all are testaments to California's obsession with cutting down on travel time. Every generation has hailed a new savior for our traffic woes, only to eventually complain about it. I'm sure even Father Serra at some point cursed PCH at rush hour between Ventura and Santa Barbara.

And here we go again. Orange County just started a multibillion-dollar expansion of the 405 Freeway, a year after Riverside County finished widening the 91. Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties are building a brand-new highway to connect Victorville to Lancaster and Palmdale. Metro plans a massive rail expansion in anticipation of the 2028 Olympics, and more lanes on the 710. Even Santa Ana wants to build a trolley to go through its downtown, although that project is less about moving people around and more about gentrifying out the area's last remaining Mexicans.

None of these efforts will alleviate traffic or make commutes faster. We just love our cars too darn much; we'll fill up those freeways as fast as you expand them.

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