Leaking pipe spills crude oil at Torrance Refinery

Nearly 1,900 gallons of crude oil leaked from a ruptured pipe over the weekend at the Torrance Refinery, though none of it left the site, fire department officials said Monday, Oct. 8.

The leak of 44 barrels of oil was discovered about 9:30 a.m. Saturday, said Assistant Fire Chief Steve Treskes, who was also the platoon commander on the incident. The oil seeped through a one-inch crack in an eight-inch diameter pipe, Treskes said. It’s unknown how long it took for the leak to be discovered, but a temporary clamp was attached to the pipe to stop it.

“It was leaking into a concrete containment area so it didn’t leave the site,” Treskes said. “We were able to get a vacuum truck to vacuum up the material and dispose of it.”

Torrance Refinery spokeswoman Gesuina Paras confirmed the incident Monday, but did not disclose what caused the leak. The hazardous materials spill was reported to the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services as required.

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