Top U.S. Admiral: Climate Change Biggest Threat

Despite renewed threats from nuclear North Korea, missile stockpiling in China and a standoff between China and Japan over a small string of islands, the head of the U.S. Navy’s Pacific fleet has declared the greatest threat to long-term peace in the region is climate change.

Fallout from the shifting global temperature "is probably the most likely thing that is going to happen ... that will cripple the security environment, probably more likely than the other scenarios we all often talk about," Navy Admiral Samuel J. Locklear III told the Boston Globe's Bryan Bender on Friday.

This not from some liberal tree hugger, but from the man who ran the maritime part of NATO’s war against Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 and has since been tasked with responding to the frequent destructive weather events in East Asia and the Pacific Ocean.

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