Plug is pulled on electric car booster's meeting with Obama

Paul Scott, who sits on the advisory board for Sustainable Works, got an invitation to a DNC fundraiser in Santa Monica and hoped to tell the president about the merits of electric cars. But the invitation was rescinded and his large donation returned.

If history dwells at all on President Obama's trip this week to California, it will probably be because of his Friday meeting in Rancho Mirage with President Xi Jinping of China. When the leaders of the globe's two great powers meet, scribblers pay attention.

But for one middle-class constituent who almost landed on Obama's agenda, the quick Western swing will be forever remembered for the meeting that did not happen, a subsequent tumble into the politico-media mulcher and what Paul Scott now hopes will be a mostly happy ending.

All Scott, a 60-year-old car salesman from Santa Monica, wanted was to promote the virtues of electric cars. He co-founded the nonprofit Plug In America and had a featured role in the 2006 documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car?"

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