The Dilemma of a Hardcore Environmentalist: Trying Not to Scare the S#*+ Out of My Family, or Succumb to Defeatist Apathy

First disclaimer: I'm NOT that hardcore. I don't eat a strictly plant-based diet... yet. I ONLY take the bus when it works time-wise, or ride my bike when traffic volume and ecological impulses align. 

In other words: I refuse to helmet up for congested streets, and inhale everyone else's car fumes trying to save the planet.

Secondly, while my environmental efforts are absolutely inspired by my kid, I have to keep most of what I study secret from her. That's how scary the real-time converging-environmental-catastrophes movie we're all starring in has become.

When my daughter was three years old, she sent $4 to save the polar bears. It was all the money she had, and in her mind the polar bears were then safe. I had to bite my tongue about how $4 would not stop the burning of coal, the melting of ice, or the drowning of polar bears. But the conviction that she had singlehandedly saved an endangered species, lit a fire in my soul.

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