5 Charts That Show How One State Became the World’s Green Superpower

When it comes to building a low-carbon economy, California isn’t dreaming.

A new report that ranks nations according to renewable energy production, consumption, efficiency, and other factors finds that world’s eighth-largest economy—California—was the second-least-carbon-intensive one on the planet in 2012.

In other words, the state has become extremely efficient when it comes to the volume of greenhouse gas emitted per $10,000 of gross domestic product.

California’s strategic efforts to improve the economy while reducing emissions have shown climate action is possible while also achieving economic growth,” state the authors of the report from Next 10, a San Francisco–based nonprofit research organization.

Such regional efforts are becoming key to averting a climate-change catastrophe, given the two-decade failure to achieve a binding global agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The least-carbon-intensive country is France, owing largely to that nation’s reliance on carbon-free nuclear energy to power its economy.

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